Dear Lego fans, dear Technic fans,

we would like to invite you to a new and special exhibition for technicians by technicians.

LEGO Pin Power

May 13.- 14.2023 in Leipzig/Schkeuditz
SetUp 12. May 2023

An event for exchanging ideas, talking shop, networking and having fun. A weekend to show how multi-faceted the world of Lego Technic can be.

Your interest is the construction of motorized Technic vehicles, but somehow they hardly come off the shelf or the exhibition table? Put an end to the dust collecting, meet like-minded people and give your vehicles a break!

You don't build vehicles, but interesting Technic functional models and you are looking forward to talking shop with others? Exchange ideas, get inspiration, show your solutions!

Your world is design and you build great stationary models from all possible areas from Technic elements? Show what can be done with LegoTechnic!


The whole Technicworld

For registration, it does not matter whether your model is operated with a hand crank or Mindstorms, with PF or PU; is equipped with Buwizz or SBrick, or is made to work by other electronic components.


On 600 square meters of venue space you can show what your models can do; Even the 2000 square meters of open space are available to die-hard people in all weathers. Parcours and races can also take place in the dark for vehicles equipped with headlights.

There will be areas for agricultural, road and construction vehicles where all kinds of things can be transported and loaded. Or emergency vehicles demonstrate their maneuverability in order to get to the scene quickly.

In addition there are routes for off-road vehicles, where heights and obstacles of various kinds have to be mastered with skill. Or speed.

Depending on the model, there will be presentation areas for your great mocs and mods within the course or in extra areas with enough space to show any functions.


You know on what 'terrain' your vehicles are top-performing? Tell us or bring material with you to showcase your creations at its best (please note when registering). 
You have an idea for an obstacle (made of Lego)? Build it and bring it with you (please note when registering).

We look forward to Technic enthusiasts,
... who want to network and engage in a lively exchange with one another.
... that have vehicles, buildings, functional models and other exciting Technic mocs.
... who want to show what their Moc can do in the field.
... with exhibits that combine a wide variety of functions under one "roof".

Register and show like-minded people how you solved which problem, let them participate in your implementations and ideas!
Simply send us the completed registration form (pdf) and we will contact you.
Deadline is 15.04.2023

We're looking forward to you!

The LBRICK LEGO Technicians